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Alice In Healthyland was created by Alice Bingham.

Alice’s Instagram @aliceinhealthyland and the blog is about sharing and exploring her vision of  Healthyland with her followers.

Her blog posts are about fuelling her body with good food, creating healthy recipes, self love discussions, moving the body, the ups and downs of motherhood, what and who she is inspired by, daily,  sharing product reviews on products she loves and trusts and finally connecting with others that share the same passions.

Alice In Healthyland was originally created to share her weight loss journey, as pre pregnancy she lost 20kg and used the page as a motivation to continue her healthy journey.

Since having her babies Cruz (her toddler) and Winter Rose (her baby), her health journey is so much more than what she had set it out to be. Health is so much more to her than just weight loss and progress, its about mindfulness, self love, delicious healthy food, gut health, the list goes on.

Follow Alice as she discovers more about herself and the fascinating topic we call health.

Alice has recently found her love for essential oils. If you wish to chat more about this topic with her contact her here.