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Alice In Healthyland was created by myself, Alice Bingham. My AKA @aliceinhealthyland‘s passion about sharing and exploring my version of Healthyland with her beautiful tribe of goddesses.

I started Alice In Healthyland in 2014. I wanted to start an Instagram account to keep me accountable for living a healthier lifestyle. Kind of like a diary. I found it a great way to connect with like-minded people. Pre children I lost 20Kg, I had spent a lot of my early twenties partying every weekend. I decided I had to change my life around. Soon after the weight loss, I wanted to start trying for children. It took me some time to fall pregnant too and I would get so upset seeing those failed pregnancy tests each month.

My mind shifted quite a bit on Instagram when I fell pregnant. I found this new love and respect for body. I felt more gratitude in each day and wanted to share that more with my community I had created on the platform. Being pregnant brought new connections and more ideas on what to blog about. Fast forward to 2019 and we now have 3 beautiful children. Cruz 3, Winter Rose 2 and Lottie 6 months. They are a huge part of my WHY for sharing with my community. My hubby Dave is pretty great at supporting me with the work that comes with the blog too. My page is filled with Mumma Hood, Recipes, Self-Love discussions and workouts.

Follow my Wellness journey as she discovers more about herself and the fascinating topic we call health. Alice is one part founder of the @nourishedmummyproject recipe app.

Alice is passionate about Essential Oils and Natural Living. If you wish to chat more with her in regards to this lifestyle click here.