One + Only Beauty Space- Pure Luxe Facial.

One + Only Beauty Space- Pure Luxe Facial.

A Review written by A. A. Bingham.

I recently had a luxe facial with the gorgeous Jamie from One and Only Beauty. I had such a wonderful, relaxing experience I decided to blog about it.

One and Only Beauty salon is owned by the gorgeous Jamie. Jamie is an experienced & knowledgeable therapist that has been a beautician for over 10 years. Jamie decided to recently create her own beautiful space and to use her experience and technique to create something magical. She is a mumma to two gorgeous babes and knows how important it is to have that me time as a mumma. She made me feel like an absolute queen.

I arrived at Jamie’s salon and was instantly greeted with a big smile. Jamie made me feel comfortable the moment I walked through the door. Upon entry to the O + O salon, the spaciousness, tranquility, soft music & elegant decor instantly sets the mood up for a relaxing luxe facial treat. Jamie asked me a little bit about my skin and briefly explained that she would be using all organic skin care product (good enough to eat, trust me they smell amazing) by Eminence . She stated that she wouldn’t explain the products in to much detail during the facial as she just wanted me to relax. Any questions I could ask at the end (I had loads as my face felt amazing). The music was was at a perfect volume, I lied on the bed and she asked me to take three deep breathes. It was just what I needed to let everything go and just be present in the room. She started a massage and I think I lasted 5 minutes and fell back asleep. I only woke up to the slight tingle of the peel and then straight back to sleep. While Jamie had the peel on my face she did the most amazing foot and leg rub (my hubby needs to learn her technique).

At the end of the facial Jamie woke me to let me know it was finished. I couldn’t believe how I had slept the whole time. I think I needed it. When I finally woke up properly from dream land I my touched my face. It felt so good and smooth. It had that after facial glow.

I love that she uses all organic products as we all know that we are what we eat, but we forget that we are what we apply to. Eminence Organic Skincare ingredients is so great you could pretty much eat the product and it wouldn’t harm you. I love that they aren’t full of nasty chemicals. Our skin is our largest organ in the body. It absorbs all those nasties so quickly so I love finding more natural products to fill up my beauty cupboard with. Jamie’s facials are tailored to suit each persons skin type

During a facial with O + O all of the products are diluted with not water, but herbal teas. Because the products Jamie uses contain absolutely “no water” she uses warm natural tea blends to compliment the fact that every single ingredient used on your skin was grown both under organic and bio-dynamic conditions. The room smells absolutely divine.

I have been trailing the Eminence Acai Firming Skin care products from Jamie at O + O for almost a month now and I have had 3 people ask what I had done to my ski as it looks so clear and plump? Someone even asked if I had botox as the light wrinkle lines on my face have smoothed out (thanks Jamie). The products smell divine and I actually get excited to do my skincare routine as I am loving the results of using the products.

Something very special about One + Only Beauty is that for every single facial performed by One & Only, $5 will be donated to the @thepyjamafoundation helping to support little ones in their life in foster care. How beautiful is that?

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Embracing My Mum Bod – By Stevie Niki AKA @mytribeofsix

I have been discussing the topic, self love + body image a lot on my social media platforms of late. I feel it is a topic that we should all be discussing more openly as so many of us suffer in silence or are even hurting ourselves emotionally over. So when I read this Instagram post written by Stevie Niki, I asked her instantly if I could repost this message on my blog as I was so inspired by the piece and I know you will be too.

Stevie Niki is the tribe leader and founder of My Tribe Of Six, a motherhood and lifestyle blogger. She is a Mumma to four beautiful children. Stevie loves to share her raw, honest daily adventures with the four children and her hubby. I have how she doesn’t sugarcoat anything and just keeps it real! 

Embracing My Mum Bod – By Stevie Niki

Today something happened to me that really got me thinking, something that made me truly think about and appreciate my body and all it has done for me.

It started with my three your old lifting up my shirt and attempting to “play” with my belly. Naturally my immediate reaction was to try to try pull my shirt back down and asked her not to do that, when she then exclaimed “But Mumma, your belly feels like playdough, can I please play with your playdough?” and I had a little chuckle to myself because “out of the mouths of babes” and all that. I let go of all inhibition and embraced my body, my child and all her innocence.

This was a thought provoking moment for me and a gentle reminder of all those fleeting feelings I have, negative and positive, which come and go as a woman learning to love and accept her body after having a baby.My body not be perfect, society may not deem it sexy and my three year old may liken it to playdough but that’s fine with me, and I will tell you why.


My tummy may be loose and flabby but that’s not what my children see; they see the home that housed them all for 160 weeks. My body may be covered in stretch marks but the kids beam with pride as they point and exclaim “that one right there, I made it when I was in your tummy.. didnt I Mum?” My boobs may be flabby skin with nipples attached but they fed and nourished all of my babies.

If my body can do all that and then provide some play dough for my three year old then it’s pretty f#cking fabulous, wouldn’t you agree?

So, should I be ashamed of my body, my loose skin, my saggy boobs, the extra cushion and the stretch marks that cover it? NO, they make me proud. Proud that I was lucky enough to conceive my children, that I carried four of them in my tummy. This body created, grew, birthed and nourished four amazing kids. So why are we defining our bodies by what society says is acceptable and not by what they have achieved?

Does being a certain size or having a particular body shape define a person? NO. What should define a person is simply WHO that person is.

Would weight loss make my loose skin and stretch marks disappear? Nope, they’re there for life now. So I embrace it and how I got them.

Should I stress and feel guilty about food and exercise? NO. That’s not a healthy mind set… No one should.

For me, some days I eat clean healthy meals and some days I eat Nutella sandwiched between a melting moment (life changing, try it) followed by pizza for dinner.

Some days I exercise, run around with the kids, spend hours cleaning and other days I watch movies with the kids, and spend hours cuddling, reading a book and just chilling.

It’s called balance.

Just enjoy life, we only get one. We shouldn’t waste it worrying if we think we look too fat, if our boobs are saggy, if there is too many calories in that meal. No regrets, run around with your kids, buy that dress you’re worried your bum will look big in, flaunt it and eat that donut you have been eyeing off.

Mamma’s be kind to your bodies, after all, they have achieved greatness in the form of tiny humans!! If that isn’t mind blowing I don’t know what is?

It is important to be healthy, don’t get me wrong but what is even more important is to be happy.

Let’s focus on being healthy; MIND, body and SOUL.

Here is to our bodies, may we truly appreciate and love them in all their forms.

Stevie with her four children.

By Stevie Niki

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The New Me. By Kirsty McKenzie AKA @themummysomniac

I am so pleased and super lucky to be featuring the gorgeous Kirsty McKenzie AKA @themummysomniac for the second time on my blog. Kirsty is a dear Instafriend that I have been lucky enough to meet, and she has helped to guide and support me through my #mumlife journey and with my lifestyle in general. This woman has a heart of gold and is not afraid to share her trimaphs and failures (argh girl thats what I love about you). In my first interview with Kirsty, she shared answers with you all in depth about herself in my #showtherealyou segment (you can read here). This time she has returned to share with you all this raw piece of writing about how she found a new love for her body during her current pregnancy with baby number three. Wow mummas this is a must read for you all as I know you will be able to totally relate with Kirsty no matter what stage you are at with your self love journey. Enough from me, time to hand it over the beautiful Kirsty McKenzie. Arghhh I know you will love this piece as much as me.

Kirsty Mckenzie AKA @themummysomnic


As my very first (ever) stretch marks began to emerge, somewhere throughout my first pregnancy, I’m afraid to say, I cried…

I don’t think for me, that it was vanity. I struggle with change, or at least I have at times in the past (even chopping my mum bun off recently took some serious commitment). I think for me, simply, it’s hard to see something you’ve become so used to seeing, your own body, change so rapidly. After all, I had become accustomed to my pre-pregnancy body slowly changing over the previous 27 years. Yet the changes that we experience during pregnancy are over but a fraction of the time that we had with our bodies before. After a while, I accepted the changes (stretch marks and new outie belly button to be precise)… even grew to be fond of them. After all, they represent one of my greatest accomplishments in life, my eldest daughter. And believe me when I say ‘accomplishment’, the kid didn’t sleep until she was 3.5, it’s amazing that I’m even half as sane as I am.

When the time came for baby number two, I thought I was prepared for the changes. Yet like each child, each pregnancy can bring with it a whole different set of challenges. My first pregnancy, like my first child, was set out to take me to places that I’d never been before (awake all night… and not voluntarily like in my youth). To push me to let go of the things that I need to, and focus on what’s really important. My second child, like my second pregnancy, came forth to show me just how much I was really capable of pushing things (mind, body and spirit). Just when I thought I had it all sorted out, thought I’d adjusted my headspace accordingly, and knew what to expect, the second child came along to throw all of it on it’s head. To push me to my limits, and to show me just how far my mind and body could stretch, and just how much love I was capable of. There were elements of my second pregnancy, that felt easy, in the sense that I had been there before, I knew the morning sickness would end, that eventually all babies sleep through the night, and that labour is in fact the easy part… and that the hard part is what happens when you bring the baby home. But there are no two pregnancies that are exactly the same, not even for the same person… now I know.

Kirsty 39 weeks pregnant with baby number two. 

Kirsty in labour with baby two.

I bounced back physically from my first pregnancy without any real issues, but my second pregnancy had pushed my body to the extreme, literally (10cm abdominal separation). It saddens me to say, that again, when I dared look in the mirror at my body, a mere 6 weeks later, still looking six month pregnant, I felt complete and utter despair (again I cried). I thought I knew what to expect, but this took me completely by surprise. I threw myself into the chaos that was my life as a mum of two, 19 months apart, and tried to forget. Yet, eventually, bit-by-bit, everything returned to normal, or what would become my new ‘normal’. Some time, patience and a lot of hard work, I recovered, not back to the old me, but to a new and improved me. I realised how amazing, and strong my body was.

Kirsty at 3 weeks and then 6 weeks postpartum, after baby two.

Kirsty 15 months postpartum baby two.

Kirsty 39 weeks pregnant and 39 weeks out

I think I had taken so much for granted in the past, but seeing how I’d brought it back (after a very long uphill climb), gave me an incredible appreciation for it.
Fast-forward almost exactly 4 years from the appearance of those very first stretch marks, and I’m sitting fat and happy at 26 weeks into my third pregnancy. I’m not sure what it is, whether it’s having been through some tough times, a little bit of age and maturity, or simply having finally worked out what’s worth worrying about in life, but I’m excited about it… about everything (Ok, still incredibly nervous about pushing a baby out of my hoo-ha, that part doesn’t change). I’ve never felt more comfortable (not so much physically, because we all know that pregnancy has the uncomfortable factor, but in the mental sense) in my own skin. To me there’s something about my pregnancy body that fills me full of life again (literally). There’s a confidence there that I don’t normally possess, a sense of pride and self love that I wish I could feel all the time. Not only have the old marks reappeared, the ones placed on my body by this baby’s two older sisters, but some new ones too. It might sound strange, but in some ways these marks are truly welcomed. Each of my children has left their mark on me, in so many ways. I’ve changed the way I approach life, I’ve learned to stop fighting unworthy battles, to accept what I cannot change, to work with the new me, instead of trying to go back to the old me. I don’t need the old me back, she’s not relevant anymore… her way of thinking, her body, her outlook (I would welcome her sleep habits back though)… because the new me, is so much better.

Kirsty 15 weeks pregnant with baby number three.

Kirsty 23 weeks pregnant with baby number three.
I’m definitely interested to see what my new body will look like after baby number three. I don’t know what to expect, I have to let it all go, and leave my expectations in the same drawer as the pregnancy tests I took (Is it just me, or does anyone else struggle to throw those things away?). I have no idea where this pregnancy will go, but for some reason, at this point (ask me again in another 10 weeks), I’m pretty cool about that.

Wow, thank you so much for sharing this piece of your thoughts with us. I love that you have found this new love and respect for your body and you are helping others do the same without even realising. Want more from this babe? Follow her journey on her Instagam – @themummysomniac and check our her blog

Kirsty at 25 weeks with her current pregnancy with baby number three.

Happily Ever After – 09.09.2016

On the 9th September 2016 I married my soul mate, David. David and I have been together since December 2011. We met at a festival in Brisbane City and shortly started dating not long after. We got engaged in April 2015 and had our darling little boy in October 2015.

The wedding ceremony was held at Macarthur Park Chapel and Gardens and the cocktail style reception was held at Pacific Resort Cleveland  function room. The chapel is 96 years old and was the perfect location with the surrounding lake and bushlands to hold our dream wedding. Karen the owner of the gardens was an absolute delight to work with, making our day extra special. Pacific Resort function room was decorated by the gorgeous Carol from Creatively Bespoke Wedding & Events and she did such a beautiful job. I loved the set up of the bridal table, round tables and bar stools for guests. A huge thank you to Sarah from Pacific Resort Functions you were an absolute pleasure to work with. I LOVED staying in the penthouse above the Raby Bay marina, it just added that special touch to the whole experience.

My lashes and brows for the day were done by the gorgeous Emma from @emjsskinandbeauty. Emma has seven years experience with lashes and brow shaping and I had the “deluxe” set for my wedding day.

The hair and make up were done by the talented girls from @stepnouthairandbody. I had Bec do our hair and @alannahpritchardmakeup do my make up for myself and my bridesmaids. They do great wedding hair and make up packages. I felt very relaxed with the girls and we all shared lots of laughs.

Our flowers were all created by the beautiful Amy from @daisyandcoflowers. Amy was very prompt and so easy to liaise with. She did a wonderful job. She made me a gorgeous flower crown and I loved the bouquets she created! So talented.

Our wedding cake was created by my lovely friend Kate. It taste as delicious as it looked. I wish it was a never ending cake. Love her work. Very talented! That cake was certainly made with love. So sad we ate all the spare cake from the freezer! 

My photographer was a close friend Catherine Stonebridge who has taken all my family and maternity photos. I am so pleased with what she has shown me so far. I cannot wait to see them all! I felt so comfortable with Catherine and she made David and I feel completely at ease in front of the camera. 

Our wedding videographer was created by wedding photographer Danielle D’Arcy. I love watching the highlights from our big day. 

Lastly here are some happy snaps from the big day with with our friends and family! 

I hope you enjoy. 

Voome Challenge -$10 A Day Healthy Dinners

Sponsored by Voome




Do you just want to be inspired by new healthy food ideas?

That’s what I love about Voome, it’s designed to target individuals that already have a bit of a grasp on their nutrition and fitness and just need a little motivation maintaining it. With their meal planners, great recipe collections and workout tools, Voome are able to accommodate a whole range of individual appetites and lifestyles.

As a busy working mummy, I love the convenience of the meal plans and shopping lists they have to offer, plus the variety and ability to change recipes and ingredients around if you dislike anything on the plan..

Back to the challenge. On the weekend I hit the supermarket with my printed shopping list (argh thanks Voome for having this tool, it’s seriously the best) and started shopping. I found everything I needed in most of the outside aisles and a few extra bits in the health food aisle.

My goal was to spend just $10 per meal. Depending on what ingredients the meal required, some cost only $8 per dinner and some were nearly $10. My total shopping for the five meals came to $46.40. I am extremely happy with this, David and I eat pretty simply, so we were super excited that it was kind to our bank accounts but we got to try new foods. Plus, we were still sticking to our clean eating goals!

The five dinners that were chosen were – 

Soba Noodle, Tofu & Cabbage Salad with Ginger Dressing 

Rainbow Vegetable Salad

Chicken Rice Bowl

Quinoa, Feta, Lemon & Chilli Stuffed Capsicum 

Burghul & Chickpea Salad with Egg

My favourite was the Chicken rice bowl and David’s was the Soba Noodle, Tofu & Cabbage Salad with Ginger Dressing ( I think that was Cruzies too).

As you can see all the recipes (listed above) from the meal plan have a good mixture of protein, carbs and good fats. This is really important to me so I can acheive my nutritional goals. Each recipe provides you with tips on how to change the recipe up a little, for example if the recipe is made with chicken and you want to change it up, it gives advice as to what other meats will be best suited to the flavours in the dish. It also provides you with tips on how to create the dish in a fast timely manner, this is great for the days when you finish work and the whole family is sitting there “HANGRY” waiting for dinner.

Living on a budget and still creating delicious healthy meals from the Voome fitness and nutritional program was totally achievable for our family. Sticking to our budget definitely will help us financially as we are saving for our family home. So it’s another win for us. Proud to say that I have completed another challenge proving that you can eat healthy yummy foods and easily afford it! Looking forward to meal prepping and planning next weeks meals. My healthy eating habits are back in action!

Want to hear more about Voome? Check them out here:


 Voome – Aim for progress not perfection! 

Sponsored by Voome

I believe the key to having a healthy relationship with food is nourishing your body with tasty foods that are good for you. You don’t need to starve yourself or deprive yourself. Instead, we all need to learn to eat to live, not live to eat.

We all have those days or weeks when our relationship with food can be a bit shaky and off. Our intentions start off good, we wake up with a goal to make healthy food choices and move our bodies, but then throughout the day we create excuses like “I’m too busy, I don’t have time with work, it’s easier to buy takeaway” etc. However, on these days food should not be the enemy! We need to learn to create a healthy relationship with our mind and the food we’re putting into our bodies. Learning to love your body will help you to understand the importance of feeding it the best fuel.

Self-love and life experience has made me to want to learn more about healthy foods and has given me a passion to help praise it to others. Knowledge is power; the more you learn about what you’re putting in your mouth, the more respect you gain for the healthy foods you eat and feed to your family.

I am a first time mum that has recently returned to work three days a week. Finding the time to move my body and eat nutritious foods is extremely important to me, but can be a challenge at times. I need to keep my energy levels up to keep up with my little man, continue with all the #mumlife housework, go to work and run a blog. My life can be extremely busy! I want my son and future children to learn good habits surrounding food and exercise. I believe that it’s my duty as a mother. I have to make time to create these healthy habits for myself so they too can follow and see these habits as a normal part of life. All the while showing them there needs to be a balance, because there’s more to life than just nutrition and exercise.

I heard about an online health & fitness tool called Voome, which ended up being a great solution to help me achieve my goals. After researching it, I found that it was designed by the same creators of the Michelle Bridges 12 week challenge. I am in love!! You will be too. It ticks all the boxes for me!

As I want to maintain my healthy lifestyle and continue on this journey for a lifetime, I believe it can help me achieve this. Voome is not just a quick fix. I love that you can access it online, anywhere and anytime! This is so convenient for me being a busy mumma, as I can workout when Cruz sleeps or early in the morning. It’s so handy, with quick and effective workouts between 10-30 minutes. Not only is it jam-packed with healthy recipes and workouts, you also receive weekly emails with extra tips and motivation to keep you inspired.

One of my favourite things about Voome is that they have created ready made meal plans. There are so many to choose from depending on your lifestyle and how you eat. The meal plans are great for time poor mummies, as they provide you with a bunch of nutritious recipes that can be downloaded straight into shopping lists! This is so handy for me as I love to be organised for the busy week ahead and it gives me more time for cuddles with Cruz. I am currently enjoying making the Apple Muesli for breakfast and the Chicken with Sweet Potato Wedges and Avocado Salad from one of the collections (without avo as I’m allergic). The muesli is so easy to prepare, I make it for Cruz and I the night before in a jar.

I am looking forward to the weeks ahead and seeing what my mind and body can achieve with Voome. I believe it will not only help me smash my goals of self love, maintaining healthy eating and exercising but also help me to find that healthy balance with other aspects of life.

Stay tuned as I will keep you posted on my progress!

Want more from Voome?

Voome webpage Click here – @voomehq


So Saturday was wild. Myself and 38 ladies jumped on a bus to celebrate my Hen’s do. I had no idea what the girls had in store. But seriously they threw a party I will never forget. I am so grateful that I got to celebrate with close family and friends. I loved it.  I am pleased that I lasted the whole day and was the last one standing, yes still in my high heals too.

I had a lot of you ask if I could do a mini blog post of photos, so you can all have a sneak peak. I have also tagged what I wore for you as I had lots of questions on the personalised sash and the shoes.

Dress – REVIEW


Make up – @jdolls

Shoes – PAYLESS SHOES (yes I know right)

Make up by the amazing @jdolls

Cruzie boy with my photo frame.

My gorgeous mumma.

Yes there were penis cakes. Thanks Teoni!

This was the whole crew.

And that’s how it ended hahaha.