Insta Live with @thebeautyjournal__

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a Insta Live with the gorgeous, Monique Peters. Monique is a all natural organic make up artist and has a passion is health and wellness. As promised here are some notes of our insta live put into a blog for you all…

Alice – Why she switched over to natural/organic beauty?

Monique –After spending over 8 years in the mainstream beauty industry, I have worked with hundreds of different cosmetic brands. Although I wasn’t oblivious to the health concerns linked to conventional cosmetics, it took my own health issues to be encouraged to dive deeper into the natural beauty realm.

As someone who has been diagnosed with hypothalamic amenorrhea (a condition in which menstruation stops), lots of gut/digestive issues, thyroid and high cortisol levels. I was and still am, on a mission to feel at my optimum.

My biggest belief is “we aren’t just what we eat, we are what we put on our skin too!” I mean, we work out and we eat healthy, right? Why are we are so concerned with how our bodies are looking, why shouldn’t we also be concerned about what we are putting on them?

After doing countless hours of research and learning all about the world of natural, organic beauty. I decided to completely make the switch. Not only just my own personal products, but my entire freelance makeup kit! Even though in the back of my mind I knew that I could lose clients, or bookings, I knew that the natural products I was now using performed just as well! I decided I had to stay true to my intuition and alignment and using products that contained harmful chemicals didn’t serve me anymore.

I am on a misson to educate as many women as possible on making better makeup and skincare choices. It’s not about doing it perfectly, its not about throwing out your whole makeup bag. It just about taking baby steps and making more conscious decisions because what we do today, creates our tomorrow.

Alice – Why do you believe we should be using chemical free products?

Monique – Our skin is our largest organ and 60-80% of what we put on it is absorbed into our blood steam.

Many mainstream cosmetics are filled with cheap and nasty preservatives and toxins that extend the shelf life of the product to keep it stable. For e.g Parabens. A known preservative still found in many products, have been found in breast cancer tissue.

We have over 20 blood vessels, 650 sweat glands, and 1,000 nerve endings on your scalp to soak in the toxins so using natural haircare free of synthetics Is so important.

I also believe that finding beautiful, high performing beauty items has never been this easy! I also would like to add, I am not sharing this knowledge to panic or alarm people.I believe everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge they have and its never to late to start. I am also simply just sharing my journey and what I have learnt along the way. My passion is to empower other women to take a bit of a closer look at the products they are currently using and see where there is room for change? It’s all about conscious decision making.

Alice – What are the top 5 products do you recommend making a priority to switch out?

Monique –

Body lotion – it covers the largest surface area on the body and is usually packed with synthetic fragrance. By opting for more nourishing plant based oils or organic butter based moisturisers, you will largely reduce the synthetic ingredients used on your skin.

Toothpaste – Your mouth is the most absorbent place on your body and you use this product twice per day (well lets hope). Conventional toothpaste is jam packed with nasty foaming agents that you don’t want to be using anywhere near your mouth. Opt for a natural alternative.

Shampoo and Conditioner – we have over 20 blood vessels, 650 sweat glands, and 1,000 nerve endings on your scalp to soak in the toxins so it doesn’t make sense to be using chemical filled haircare.

Lipstick, lipbalm and gloss – Where do you think your gloss goes when it wears off? You guessed it. You eat it! Natural lippies are usually jam packed with nourishing plant based oils as appose to mineral oil and polymers.

Perfume – Fragrance is a big business and sadly brands don’t have to disclose any of the ingredients they use! The formulation is deemed intellectual property and is protected from being copied. So you never actually know what harmful things are lingering on your skin for hours upon hours. Using essential oils and other natural fragrances is a beautiful way to switch out.

Alice – What are your TOP 3 multipurpose SKINCARE products you can recommend for anyone on the go?

Monique – 

· Easy cleanser that will remove all makeup but not strip your skin – BE FRAICHE

· A good serum that targets everything – BIOLOGI Serums – pigmentation, aeging,fine lines, breakouts.

· Moisturiser that contains SPF – Hynt beauty

Alice – What are your top 3 quick and easy natural makeup products?

Monique – 

Ere perez Lip and Cheek tint with a mirror!

Brow gel – Ere Perez

Mascara – Inika or Lily Lolo

Monique and her gorgeous friend Natalie (Kindred Toxin Free Facials) are hosting a Master Class workshop on the 8th April 2018. From morning and evening skincare routines, how to interactive demonstrations, colour matching foundations for your unique skin tone and more, Natalie and Monique will guide you through all you’ve ever wanted to learn about creating a natural skincare and makeup routine that works into your day.

Buy tickets here –

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Want to start your natural/organic beauty collection now?

Monique’s friends at conscious.kin are offering a generous discount code to all Monique and my following. Use BEAUTY15 at the check out.

My journey with Mel from The Colonic Clinic Capalaba (part 2)

So you may have seen from my insta that I am continuing to see Mel from The Colonic Clinic Capalaba. In fact I feel I am her “stage 5 clinger” and I always have so many questions and topics I chat with her about. I laughed with David (hubby) and said I think I am chatting more with Mel than you hahaha. I have been going to the poo fairy AKA Mel, for a little over a month now and I am really enjoying this new health journey I am on. I will be forever grateful to my darling friend who referred me to the Poo Palace.

So, since I last chatted with you all I had, had 4 Colonics. Well now I am on a more extensive treatment plan with guidance from Mel. I have now had 8 in total. Of course everybody will be different if they choose the Colonic journey. It will be according to your lifestyle, time schedule and budget as to how much a new comer would like to invest their energy (in) with Colonics. I would imagine that even just the 3 would do your body wonders!

So what are the changes I have been seeing with my mind and body so far?


  • My eye sight is clearer – this was one of the first huge changes I noticed. Everything sees clearer? Maybe I can see clearly now that I am letting shit go, haha who knows.
  • Forearm length poo – hmmmm too much info? Well you wanted to know it all so I am happy to share haha. My bowels have never been so regular. I will go sometimes right before my colonic and I think to myself surely I won’t dump much today in my treatment? Then I blow myself away with how much I do. Like I said earlier, I have has 8 treatments now and each time I am letting go of more and more poo. How can that be….
  • Emotionally more in tune with who I am – This journey for me is not just about letting go of a bit of poo. Well to be honest that’s what I thought it would be in the beginning. I feel I am really starting to see the type of person I want to be more of and I feel I am able to listen to what my body wants. I think Mel really helps to guide me with this. Sometimes when I am passing a bowel motion that is a little harder in texture, I really feel emotional letting it go while it’s happening in the treatment but feel a sigh of relief when its gone.
  • My skin feels amazing – The Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment uses UV purified, filtered water only. So I feel my whole body is getting hydrated not just my gut. I had a few extra pimples when I first started, but I feel that my body was letting out the toxins.
  • My period was less painful and more tolerable. I have only had one cycle since starting the Colonics but the difference was huge in comparison to the last period. Maybe emotionally I handled it better. I kept up my hydration during my cycle too.

I took Cruz to hang out haha

Above are just some of the changes I have noticed so far in my Colonic journey with, Mel. It is not something everyone agrees with but personally for me I love what I am doing and have never felt so healthy in my life.

I look forward to sharing Mel’ s journey with you all shortly too. If want to know more just contact Mel the poo fairy – 0466 155 354 and text her your email to send through more information. She has a great package she sends out with all your questions answered.

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Winter Rose’s Room Makeover

Winter Rose’s Room Makeover

With online styling help from Elisa – @thezeroprint + @blond.noir


We lived in a granny flat for almost 3 years so I was never able to style a nursery properly for Cruz. Then when we moved in to our new home in August, Cruz has a toddler room and Winter Rose well we just chucked the baby furniture in her room. She was on 6 weeks old then. The rooms needed painting which was on our to do list, so we thought there was no point decorating until we could afford to to that first. Then a few months past because you know – LIFE  – newborn, toddler, adjusting to our new home.

In January my dad said he would paint the children’s bedrooms. I was so excited as that meant I could finally start decorating. I had never done a baby nursery before so I contacted my dear friend Elisa from @thezeroprint and asked her for some tips. Who by the way is amazing. Elisa owns two online boutiques. The Zero Print – Birth prints and Blond + Noir – No Glue + ReUSABLE Decals + art Prints. Such a clever cookie.

This is what the plan was that we came up with together…

  • I used all my furniture (used to be Cruz’s) that we already had because you know money.
  • I loved her wall decals – so she created the Delilah print.
  • I wanted two gorgeous pieces of art work – so Elisa suggested Illustrations by Narin Barnett – MY hidden FOREST
  • I have always loved Goodnight Butter Cup handmade bed sheets and Elisa also suggested these to.
  • I wanted to use some of the gorgeous wooden pieces + books I had collected for Winter Rose from the online + local stores over time.
  • I wanted to display her favourite wraps, so that I could just grab and go on our outings.

And this is what it now looks like…


Pictured above – @kikiandspice vintage rose + autumn rose bamboo wraps + @toshidesign wrap. White dress by Country Road + straw hat by Best n Less. Leaves by @blond.noir

Pictured above – My little Winnie laying on the @goodnightbuttercup Wisteria cot sheet. Bunny – Jellycat from Seed.  Wrap – autumn rose by @kikiandspice.


Pictured above – Lets go outside newborn book by @mylittlebookywooky and lavender room spray by @hausfleur.


Pictured above – Eco friendly wooden musical instruments by @marchingbambino and horse and carriage by @willownoak. Book by @rubyredshoes I brought from my local baby boutique. Miss unicorn illustration by @myhiddenforrest


Jute rug by @bigw


Pictured above are the illustrations by Narin Barnett  @myhiddenforest and on the duchess are all my little knik knaks I have collected. for Winnie or was Cruz’s. I will tag these businesses on my instagram images as some of them were gifts and I am unsure. Plus there is quite a lot pictured.


Pictured above – Wall decals created by @blond.noir. These are the Delilah style and they are so easy to put up. If you make a mistake you just simply pull off and can re adjust. They come with simple instructions on how to care for them. You can see me putting them up on my instagram page @aliceinhealthyland


Pictured above – Winter Rose on her gorgeous wipeable change mat cover by @bubsfirst.

A huge thank you to everyone that helped with their input on this mini makeover of her bedroom. The walls before were a yellow/cream colour, black thick shelves and lots of wholes. So thank you also to my dad. A huge thank you to Elisa from @thezeroprint for all your styling advice and keeping simple for me. You were a dream to work with.



You know I like to be honest with you when I collaborate. I was not paid by anyone in this collaboration, however I was gifted from a few labels. and as baby shower gifts from friends.  I did purchase a lot of these things myself to.


Thank you for reading. Now for Cruzies bedroom. Phew one down haha.


Alice xoxo

Oh my god you get so much shit for free? #mybloggereality

As an online blogger, I get this statement said to me by friends, followers and even some loved ones. Which is fine but you know what I just feel the need to tell you that I don’t just get shit for free. There is so much more that goes into this blogging business than just receiving free shit! I work hard for the things that talk about.

I can honestly say that 90% of my posts or product reviews I do for @aliceinhealthyland are not paid posts. But if people want to do paid posts Im totally fine with it to if you aren’t then don’t follow. Most bloggers work hard to keep their blog or platform alive.

In fact I hardly ever get paid at all. I do receive some beautiful gifts but I work hard to share something for that company if I genuinely love it. I also buy personally a lot of the things I chat about. I love supporting other local businesses.

What happens in this collaboration situation is someone will contact me asking if I would love to be gifted a product or service to review it or share if I love it. I am always honest with the person that I choose to collaborate with, telling them if I don’t love it I won’t share it. I say no to things I don’t feel fit for who I am as a person. I am not going share something I’m not going to use even if they will pay me or if everyone else loves it because this is my journey no one else’s. In this crazy social media world you have to remain true to yourself. Especially be honest to the ones that have stuck around to follow your journey and take the time out to engage with you or support you.

When I work with a brand which is mostly a gifted a post (if it’s a paid post I will say #ad or #sponsered on the post or blog) I will always spend my my time using it in my everyday life first. Wearing it, eating it but really trialling it because people want a honest review if it is really something that suits my lifestyle. The people that take time to follow me don’t want me talking bullshit about something you don’t really love it’s not organic. So if that does not suit a brand then I will just say thank you but I am not interested. Your following want to know why you love it but they also want what you weren’t sure about too. So if you love something about a product/brand but not everything then share that. I recently wrote two blogs reviewing a hand held breastpump + a car. In those blogs I shared what I loved but I also shared but I didn’t too. Because this is my journey and my dislikes + likes in my Healthyland. I don’t want to sugar coat things.

When collaborating with a brand after the trial period and I decide to go ahead but it certainly takes a lot of time out of my day to write the post up as I want it to be authentic, I photograph it in a way I enjoy it or actually use it. I try not to stand their modelling a product on my page to much because I am not a model I’m Alice. And totally no judgement to someone that does to because we are all human and do things differently.

Writing a blog can take me sometimes 8hrs sometimes as I have other things going on to. I want you to truly see what I love or don’t love while sharing the brand or business that I love too. I love doing it but it definitely takes hard work and time for me to write it up. Even if it does come naturally to me.

I also love engaging with my followers to. Weather it be through private chats or in the comments. It takes time to wb to everyone but I do love the social side of it. Sometimes it may take me weeks to get back to people as I don’t have the time in the day. So when people ask me about the brands/businesses I work with and if I really like it I am always open and honest. If it’s on my page I love it. If it’s not you can question me I don’t care but I know I am genuine in my heart about what I share with you all. I’m still happy to answer these questions to as I love when you engage with me.

I just wanted to share this and be open with you all. This post has sat in this draft box for a little over a month now but this blog is my voice and I feel I am allowed to share this part of my journey with you all to. Collaborating with businesses is a full time job, but remember we may get some nice gifts or even a little money for a post but a lot of work goes into the posts to. Especially if you want your content to be real and different.

Sharing content + doing product reviews is something I really enjoy doing. I genuinely want every small business to succeed but why I am remaining true to myself and to you all (I know I cannot help everyone though). I love supporting a local business or a new business that is finding their place in the world but I want to do it with you all knowing that I work hard in the background too. I do like to honestly tell you to that I to like most people just buy stuff from Kmart or woolies. But that’s okay and I’m happy for you all to know that.

My blog is not about getting free shit, it’s not even close. Thank you for reading. Thank you for always loving and supporting my journey. Xx

#aliceinhealthylandcolonicjourney -with Mel from The Colonic Clinic Capalaba – Part One

Written By Alice Bingham

I was told about Mel from The Colonic Clinic Capalaba by a dear friend. She also goes to see Mel and she told me that I would absolutely adore her, not to mention how great she felt after her appointments with her. So I decided to go and say hey to Mel and meet this woman that my friend praised so highly.

I walked into the clinic and was instantly greeted  with a smile and a hello. After chatting with Mel for a few minutes I knew she was passionate about what she did, but she really cared about her clients too. I was there when someone was arriving for their treatment and the lady looked at me and said “ohhh you are going to just love Mel.” So I booked in for my first treatment and the rest is history I am hooked…

This is my personal Colonic Journey with Mel…

The first session – To be completely honest I was quite nervous and excited all in one for my first session. I had read all the notes that Mel had emailed out to me ( she is very thorough). So I clearly knew what I was getting myself into. I feel it was important for me to know why I was going to be doing this. The week prior I had been extremely emotional, anxious, not to mention snappy at David and just overall stressed. So I was really looking forward to seeing how it would improve my mental health as I had read that Colonics are meant to be amazing for not only your physical but mental health too.

To begin with Mel and I just sat in her “educational” lounge while I had my consultation and I learnt all about Colonic Hydrotherapy, she is amazing has an answer for everything I asked her about Colonics #gutguru. Then she showed me where I will be having the treatment. I expected something different. the room was so welcoming. I loved the crystals, the oils in the diffuser, the relaxation music and not to mention the bed where you lay on when you poop is so comfortable. Mel was so respectful, always maintaining my privacy.

During my first session, Mel guided me through it, always leaving the room when appropriate. Always knocking before entering the room. Oh and the question I have been asked ALOT is – Does she see your private parts? Haha nope she covers you up the whole time. She also is out the room when you insert the little part of the tube in to your bottom. The room is so welcoming to she has styled it to make you feel empowered, relaxed and ready to let that shit go.

The colonic goes for 45 minutes (hell yes I get to lay down for 45minutes) I refuse to take my phone in as this something I want to truly be present in. I thought I would feel pain, but I can honestly say that for me I felt no pain at all just a few cramps here and there, right before a release. During this session I lost quite a lot of pop in the first part of the session, the nothing for the next 15 minutes then to finish I lost more. This could be TMI but hey I will share it, at first my poop was all broken up and mushy but as I continued I sure bits of un chewed food and older dryer bits (yuck I know). Mel would come in when I would push the door bell to call her to check on me. She always knocked twice and then waited for me to come in. Making sure I was okay at all times, I love that about her she is so caring and considerate.

Once I completed the session I able to chill out for 5minutes on the bed and relax. Then I went back out to the consult lounge for a debrief and some water + gut loving drinks. I actually felt like I was walking on a cloud after the session, I almost could not talk back because I was so chilled out. My shoulders felt relaxed, my stomach felt lighter, my head felt so in tune with my body. I have felt like this before and I know at this moment my body wanted more.

Mel continued to check on me for the next 24hrs via text. Argh she is so sweet.

So my second session –  I returned for my second session eager to see what I would Dumb today haha. Mel explained that I would probably lose even more today because the intestines would be so hydrated from the pure water that entered on Monday. Plus it is know that you should always have another to help release all those nasty toxins your body has naturally started to rid of since the first colonic.

I felt more confident with this session as I knew what I would be doing. So I had mentally prepared myself to lose more shit today. You know what? On the Tuesday night I dreamt about letting go of more shit in my life. It was such a vivid dream too. I lost double the amount I lost Monday. I even got emotional on the table (maybe it was because I could be potentially letting go shit from my childhood). After todays session I didn’t feel as relaxed but instead I felt energised. This night I slept so well and even decided to go to bed at 8:30pm as my body felt ready to sleep earlier.

My third session – Okay so now I am hooked on the feeling post colonic. My eyes sight feels brighter, my mind clearer and I feel less emotional. No joke I have been so much calmer with the children to when things don’t go to plan. I discussed with Mel that I started this journey for health maintenance, but now I know its going to help with my varicose veins, my emotional health, my skin, my energy, wow the list just goes on.

This session I lost double of what I lost on the second, my body was really allowing me to let shit go (literally). I laid on the colonic bed thinking about my goals and just letting things go emotionally. I was even losing (TMI) longer bigger poos (which is great and what normal poops should look like), bile and still lots of mushy stuff. During my sessions my bowels were working perfectly as my body felt so hydrated. I did get a little nausea in this session but I really did loose so much. I went straight home and made a green juice with lemon to really help to detox those extra nasties that were still there.

What now? – I am going to continue to see Mel, not just for Colonic’s but to really look at my overall health and wellness. We will be chatting about lymphatic drainage, my circulation and my diet. I will keep you all up to date with this journey as I know you all have been so interested in it. I know I share a lot of TMI (to much info) but I feel its important as you can really see an in site for of journey with Colonic and then make your own choices. I know we are all different but I am just being completely honest about why I love this for me. If anyone has any questions about Colonic, I am happy to help but I urge you chat to Mel, she is the guru. She has an amazing package she can send out to you if you want to know more.

In a few weeks time I will be interviewing Mel for a blog feature. Asking her the nitty griity of her journey and why it works for her. This women is a walking book of knowledge and a genuine kind hearted women. I cant wait to share the interview with you all.

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@c_ba_hair – more than just a hair salon

I have been going to C’ba HAIR for just shy of 18 months now. Recently Emma (the owner) decided to re vamp the salon so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give you a sneak peak of their new look and to share my review on such an amazing salon.

For me the hair salon is not only a place you go to get your hair done (of course) but a place you go to feel empowered and listened to. You want to feel confident and alive when you leave the salon and C’ba makes me feel exactly that. I feel like the girls at C’ba Hair do a wonderful job to build a professional friendship with you just so that they can get to know personally and then be inspired to do your hair.

C’ba Hair is a Redkin trained salon. C’ba Hair is owned and ran by Emma Hayes. Emma has been hairdressing for over a decade now and has distinguished a talent to enhance her clients natural beauty with a fashionable approach to cutting and styling hair. I can see just by watching her while I get my hair done that she lives for the good vibes in her salon. She takes pride in her employees talent and let’s the girls embrace their true personality.

Photo by @wyldefolkstudio_

When you first walk into the salon you are instantly greeted with a smile and hello from one of Emma’s friendly staff members. The this is followed by a hello or a nod from the other girls. You are then sat down and asked instantly if you would like a refreshment? Hell yes cofffeeee. The girls make a fabulous cup of coffee so I always get that. Then your stylist will sit down with you to get to know you and what you want to achieve with your hair. The stylists give their opinions but truly listen to their client. They aren’t pushy at all and you can tell they love what they do so they are passionate about making you feel good.

I love that they teach you what they know to. To be honest I have never cared for my hair much in the past, but Emma and the girls have truly shared their knowledge with me about how to look after it. How to maintain that shine and look after you walk out the doors. My hair has felt good throughout all the seasons that have passed in the past year. Using the products from the salon has really helped. In the consultation they ask how your hair is feeling each time so you can trust they will help you to achieve and maintain your hair goals.

I make regular visits to the girls to for some special me time, I have blow drys when I can so I don’t have to think about my hair. The girls have styled my hair for photo shoots and the have cut and coloured it continuously over the past year. Here are some cuts, colours and styles the girls have created.

Photo by @wyldefolkstudio_

Emma has recently revamped her salon. She was involved in ever bit of styling, creative make over. She is very hands on and loves her salon like her baby. Speaking of babies she is great with my Winter Rose at my weekly appointments. I am confident taking her in there as she just loves all the smiles and cuddles from the girls. Anyway back on topic. Below are some images of her stunning hair salon. Dream big girls 🙌🏼.

Thank you again for reading my review and loving story about a hair salon that I feel right at home in. The girls make me feel like a friend not just a client. Love you to you girls from C’ba HAIR.

My next blog for C’ba HAIR will be on how I maintain my blonde hair so stayed tuned.

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One + Only Beauty Space- Pure Luxe Facial.

One + Only Beauty Space- Pure Luxe Facial.

A Review written by A. A. Bingham.

I recently had a luxe facial with the gorgeous Jamie from One and Only Beauty. I had such a wonderful, relaxing experience I decided to blog about it.

One and Only Beauty salon is owned by the gorgeous Jamie. Jamie is an experienced & knowledgeable therapist that has been a beautician for over 10 years. Jamie decided to recently create her own beautiful space and to use her experience and technique to create something magical. She is a mumma to two gorgeous babes and knows how important it is to have that me time as a mumma. She made me feel like an absolute queen.

I arrived at Jamie’s salon and was instantly greeted with a big smile. Jamie made me feel comfortable the moment I walked through the door. Upon entry to the O + O salon, the spaciousness, tranquility, soft music & elegant decor instantly sets the mood up for a relaxing luxe facial treat. Jamie asked me a little bit about my skin and briefly explained that she would be using all organic skin care product (good enough to eat, trust me they smell amazing) by Eminence . She stated that she wouldn’t explain the products in to much detail during the facial as she just wanted me to relax. Any questions I could ask at the end (I had loads as my face felt amazing). The music was was at a perfect volume, I lied on the bed and she asked me to take three deep breathes. It was just what I needed to let everything go and just be present in the room. She started a massage and I think I lasted 5 minutes and fell back asleep. I only woke up to the slight tingle of the peel and then straight back to sleep. While Jamie had the peel on my face she did the most amazing foot and leg rub (my hubby needs to learn her technique).

At the end of the facial Jamie woke me to let me know it was finished. I couldn’t believe how I had slept the whole time. I think I needed it. When I finally woke up properly from dream land I my touched my face. It felt so good and smooth. It had that after facial glow.

I love that she uses all organic products as we all know that we are what we eat, but we forget that we are what we apply to. Eminence Organic Skincare ingredients is so great you could pretty much eat the product and it wouldn’t harm you. I love that they aren’t full of nasty chemicals. Our skin is our largest organ in the body. It absorbs all those nasties so quickly so I love finding more natural products to fill up my beauty cupboard with. Jamie’s facials are tailored to suit each persons skin type

During a facial with O + O all of the products are diluted with not water, but herbal teas. Because the products Jamie uses contain absolutely “no water” she uses warm natural tea blends to compliment the fact that every single ingredient used on your skin was grown both under organic and bio-dynamic conditions. The room smells absolutely divine.

I have been trailing the Eminence Acai Firming Skin care products from Jamie at O + O for almost a month now and I have had 3 people ask what I had done to my ski as it looks so clear and plump? Someone even asked if I had botox as the light wrinkle lines on my face have smoothed out (thanks Jamie). The products smell divine and I actually get excited to do my skincare routine as I am loving the results of using the products.

Something very special about One + Only Beauty is that for every single facial performed by One & Only, $5 will be donated to the @thepyjamafoundation helping to support little ones in their life in foster care. How beautiful is that?

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