Oh my god you get so much shit for free? #mybloggereality

As an online blogger, I get this statement said to me by friends, followers and even some loved ones. Which is fine but you know what I just feel the need to tell you that I don’t just get shit for free. There is so much more that goes into this blogging business than just receiving free shit! I work hard for the things that talk about.

I can honestly say that 90% of my posts or product reviews I do for @aliceinhealthyland are not paid posts. But if people want to do paid posts Im totally fine with it to if you aren’t then don’t follow. Most bloggers work hard to keep their blog or platform alive.

In fact I hardly ever get paid at all. I do receive some beautiful gifts but I work hard to share something for that company if I genuinely love it. I also buy personally a lot of the things I chat about. I love supporting other local businesses.

What happens in this collaboration situation is someone will contact me asking if I would love to be gifted a product or service to review it or share if I love it. I am always honest with the person that I choose to collaborate with, telling them if I don’t love it I won’t share it. I say no to things I don’t feel fit for who I am as a person. I am not going share something I’m not going to use even if they will pay me or if everyone else loves it because this is my journey no one else’s. In this crazy social media world you have to remain true to yourself. Especially be honest to the ones that have stuck around to follow your journey and take the time out to engage with you or support you.

When I work with a brand which is mostly a gifted a post (if it’s a paid post I will say #ad or #sponsered on the post or blog) I will always spend my my time using it in my everyday life first. Wearing it, eating it but really trialling it because people want a honest review if it is really something that suits my lifestyle. The people that take time to follow me don’t want me talking bullshit about something you don’t really love it’s not organic. So if that does not suit a brand then I will just say thank you but I am not interested. Your following want to know why you love it but they also want what you weren’t sure about too. So if you love something about a product/brand but not everything then share that. I recently wrote two blogs reviewing a hand held breastpump + a car. In those blogs I shared what I loved but I also shared but I didn’t too. Because this is my journey and my dislikes + likes in my Healthyland. I don’t want to sugar coat things.

When collaborating with a brand after the trial period and I decide to go ahead but it certainly takes a lot of time out of my day to write the post up as I want it to be authentic, I photograph it in a way I enjoy it or actually use it. I try not to stand their modelling a product on my page to much because I am not a model I’m Alice. And totally no judgement to someone that does to because we are all human and do things differently.

Writing a blog can take me sometimes 8hrs sometimes as I have other things going on to. I want you to truly see what I love or don’t love while sharing the brand or business that I love too. I love doing it but it definitely takes hard work and time for me to write it up. Even if it does come naturally to me.

I also love engaging with my followers to. Weather it be through private chats or in the comments. It takes time to wb to everyone but I do love the social side of it. Sometimes it may take me weeks to get back to people as I don’t have the time in the day. So when people ask me about the brands/businesses I work with and if I really like it I am always open and honest. If it’s on my page I love it. If it’s not you can question me I don’t care but I know I am genuine in my heart about what I share with you all. I’m still happy to answer these questions to as I love when you engage with me.

I just wanted to share this and be open with you all. This post has sat in this draft box for a little over a month now but this blog is my voice and I feel I am allowed to share this part of my journey with you all to. Collaborating with businesses is a full time job, but remember we may get some nice gifts or even a little money for a post but a lot of work goes into the posts to. Especially if you want your content to be real and different.

Sharing content + doing product reviews is something I really enjoy doing. I genuinely want every small business to succeed but why I am remaining true to myself and to you all (I know I cannot help everyone though). I love supporting a local business or a new business that is finding their place in the world but I want to do it with you all knowing that I work hard in the background too. I do like to honestly tell you to that I to like most people just buy stuff from Kmart or woolies. But that’s okay and I’m happy for you all to know that.

My blog is not about getting free shit, it’s not even close. Thank you for reading. Thank you for always loving and supporting my journey. Xx

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