@c_ba_hair – more than just a hair salon

I have been going to C’ba HAIR for just shy of 18 months now. Recently Emma (the owner) decided to re vamp the salon so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give you a sneak peak of their new look and to share my review on such an amazing salon.

For me the hair salon is not only a place you go to get your hair done (of course) but a place you go to feel empowered and listened to. You want to feel confident and alive when you leave the salon and C’ba makes me feel exactly that. I feel like the girls at C’ba Hair do a wonderful job to build a professional friendship with you just so that they can get to know personally and then be inspired to do your hair.

C’ba Hair is a Redkin trained salon. C’ba Hair is owned and ran by Emma Hayes. Emma has been hairdressing for over a decade now and has distinguished a talent to enhance her clients natural beauty with a fashionable approach to cutting and styling hair. I can see just by watching her while I get my hair done that she lives for the good vibes in her salon. She takes pride in her employees talent and let’s the girls embrace their true personality.

Photo by @wyldefolkstudio_

When you first walk into the salon you are instantly greeted with a smile and hello from one of Emma’s friendly staff members. The this is followed by a hello or a nod from the other girls. You are then sat down and asked instantly if you would like a refreshment? Hell yes cofffeeee. The girls make a fabulous cup of coffee so I always get that. Then your stylist will sit down with you to get to know you and what you want to achieve with your hair. The stylists give their opinions but truly listen to their client. They aren’t pushy at all and you can tell they love what they do so they are passionate about making you feel good.

I love that they teach you what they know to. To be honest I have never cared for my hair much in the past, but Emma and the girls have truly shared their knowledge with me about how to look after it. How to maintain that shine and look after you walk out the doors. My hair has felt good throughout all the seasons that have passed in the past year. Using the products from the salon has really helped. In the consultation they ask how your hair is feeling each time so you can trust they will help you to achieve and maintain your hair goals.

I make regular visits to the girls to for some special me time, I have blow drys when I can so I don’t have to think about my hair. The girls have styled my hair for photo shoots and the have cut and coloured it continuously over the past year. Here are some cuts, colours and styles the girls have created.

Photo by @wyldefolkstudio_

Emma has recently revamped her salon. She was involved in ever bit of styling, creative make over. She is very hands on and loves her salon like her baby. Speaking of babies she is great with my Winter Rose at my weekly appointments. I am confident taking her in there as she just loves all the smiles and cuddles from the girls. Anyway back on topic. Below are some images of her stunning hair salon. Dream big girls 🙌🏼.

Thank you again for reading my review and loving story about a hair salon that I feel right at home in. The girls make me feel like a friend not just a client. Love you to you girls from C’ba HAIR.

My next blog for C’ba HAIR will be on how I maintain my blonde hair so stayed tuned.

Want more from C’Ba Hair? Facebook – Click hereInstagram – click hereTo book in with the girls click below.http://www.cbahair.com.au/

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