Have a cuppa with OLIVIA WHITE AKA @houseofwhite_

I first came across Olivia White AKA “House of White” when I was pregnant. I loved coming across gorgeous real women to follow, that know how to completely keep it real! I love that she is down to earth, she is raw and honest and her children are adorable (they will hurt your cheeks smiling at them so much on your screen) and she loves a wine. Olivia you won me over woman. Plus I love your humour, like I pee myself reading your posts! 

So Miss Olivia White is the first to feature in my segment “have a cuppa with” so sit down, have a rest and take 5. 

I present to you …. Drum roll please … 



Your Instagram and blog is all about the “White squad”. Tell us more about why you started?


I started my blog a few years ago as a creative outlet while on maternity leave. It was also a great way to connect and share without women and mums at a time I felt very isolated.


Your girls are adorable! Seriously I love the White squad updates! Why do you think it’s important to share the good and the bad about parenthood on your platforms?


Stemming from the reasons I began the blog, I felt it was important to share all aspects of parenting and motherhood, whether good or bad, as I don’t want to portray an image that truly isn’t us.


Some days are good, some days are bad and I don’t want to dupe anyone into thinking it’s all fairies and rainbows over here!


What do you think draws women to your social media platforms?


Ummm I’d hope it was for my honesty and because what I post and write resonates with them! I find that now I’ve had my presence for a while that I’ve really drawn in a little community of people who’ve followed our journey and we can all be there for each other – sounds corny I know but I love it!


Where do you look for, for daily motivation?


I’m a lists gal! I make a list of things I need to do and I start from the top and work my way down. Even getting one thing done I feel so good ticking that off.


Otherwise I start cleaning, once I get one a roll with cleaning I feel great. A cluttered and messy house makes my mind a mess! So clean house, clean thoughts!


Instagram accounts you love?


Oooo so many I love but favourties are @reviejane, @rozaliarussian, @___laurenkate, @kellandmase, @themodernmumma, @newmumstheword, @daniloxton, @yummololaberry, @stylingthetribe, @whatwouldkarldo, @newmumsthword, @taradixon_ for all my lifestyle and house type stuff! And of course, yourself miss Alice!


Do you work out? If so how do you find the time?


I walk a lot. I walk with the girls, We walk on the weekend. I walk down the street! Walking is my thing haha


Favourite active wear?


I’m old school. Puma and Nike!


What advice would you give to other mummas that are about to have their first bubba?


My advice would be that there is no definitive! No right or wrong way to do things. It’s all subjective. Every baby is different; every parent is different. Take it all in your stride and just do what works and what feels right!

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